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Do you have any special skills, resources, or anything else you'd like to offer our membership that wasn't listed above? / ¿Tiene otras habilidades, recursos o algo más que no esté en la lista de arriba que le gustaría ofrecer a nuestra membresía?
A vast majority of our food pantry recipients are elderly. In order to protect everyone involved in this project, please answer honestly. All answers will remain confidential.
I am agreeing to work as a volunteer for VISION URBANA, INC. I understand that I will have access to certain sensitive information about the clients served which may include financial, medical, health, living situation, and other sensitive and/or confidential records/information. I agree to keep all information confidential during and after my volunteer shift, and will not disclose information pertaining to any client, for any reason other than to serve the client under VISION URBANA, INC.'s care. I understand that if I breach this agreement, I may be faced with a civil liability or penalty for breaching a client's right to privacy. I acknowledge my obligation to respect the client's privacy and the required confidentiality of the information pertaining to the food pantry client. As a volunteer I am aware that my participation may require physical activity (i.e.: standing, lifting, pulling/pushing carts, carrying items up to 40 lbs., traveling in stairways, and/or walking to destinations, etc.). I will use a reasonable caution to avoid injury to myself and others. I am volunteering and participating in this activity with knowledge of the hazards and potential dangers involved, and agree to accept any and all risks of personal injury and property damage inflicted by me. I understand that the tools and materials provided by VISION URBANA , INC., are and remain the property of VISION URBANA, Inc., and I agree to return any tools, materials, or items back to VISION URBANA, Inc., at the end of my volunteer service.
Thank You / Gracias

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Vision Urbana.  We will call/text/email you with available volunteer opportunities that match your skills with the needs of our organization and community.

Muchas gracias por su interés en voluntariar con Vision Urbana.  Le contactaremos para indicarle que oportunidades para voluntariar de acuerdo a sus habilidades y las necesidades de la organización.